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Camp High Rocks Summer Camps for boys
Sports Summer Camps for Girls and Boys includes Basketball, Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and More

Sports Summercamps
Are you raising a star athelete? Let your child experience the power of learning confidence and sportsmanship.

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Archery Camps

Summer camps with archery programs. Most have an archery range using recurve or compound bows, some have field courses.

Baseball and Softball Camps

Softball and baseball summer camps that focus on hitting, pitching or fielding, as well as camps that include baseball or softball instruction among a variety of other sports.

Basketball Camps

Basketball Camps

Summer basketball camps are active and fun and encourage everyone to bring their A game. If your son or daughter wants to improve in their favorite sport, make new friends, and elevate those around them, learn why a youth basketball camp may be right for them. 

The Benefits of Basketball Training Camps 

Basketball camps teach campers the skills they need to become must-have players on and off the court. By participating in a camp, kids improve their arsenal of shot types and offensive and defensive skills. More importantly, they’ll learn to face new challenges with leadership skills they can take back to school at the end of summer. After all, when you develop strength and character on the court, you become a better person all around. 

CampPage’s directory includes a variety of basketball camps for you and your child to choose from. Some camps focus on teaching the basics while others offer a more intensive experience for the seasoned pro. Other programs provide a more traditional camp experience, offering activities like hiking and canoeing in addition to basketball. There are coed basketball camps or programs exclusively for girls or for boys, as well as different basketball camps for high schoolers, middle schoolers, and younger children. Keep browsing until you find the best environment for your child to thrive along with their peers.

Search for Basketball Camps 

If you think your son or daughter would like to participate in a summer basketball camp for the 2020 season, make use of our camp directory. By scrolling through our list of camps, you can find one that’s both right for them and near your specific location. Simply click on a camp listing to learn more about the program and how playing basketball will encourage your kids to be star players. 

Cheerleading Camps

Summer camps offering Cheerleading instruction as an activity.

Cross-Country Running Camps

Camps that concentrate on running techniques and conditioning. Some are running camps and others offer running as one activity of several.

Fencing Camps

Summer camps offering fencing instruction as a major activity.

Field Hockey Camps

Camps that concentrate on field hockey techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly field hockey camps and others offer field hockey as one activity of many.

Fishing Camps

Summer camps with everything from casual lake fishing to fly fishing on wild and scenic rivers.

Football Camps

Camps that concentrate on football techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly football camps that specialize on offense, defense, kicking or quarterback. Other camps offer football as one activity of many.

General Sports Camps

Are you searching for the right sports summer camp for your child? Sports summer camps offer instruction in a variety of sports including basketball, football, gymnastics, swimming and more. Let CampPage help you explore the summer camps for kids in your area.

Golf Camps

These golfing camps offer golf instruction for kids. Some have driving ranges and a few fairways, others use nearby par-3 courses and a few have access to full size 18 hole golf courses.

Gymnastics Camps

These summer camps offer varying levels of instruction in vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, floor routines, pommel horse, still rings, and more. Some camps instruct a few types of apparatus while other have an in-depth gymnastics program.

Hockey Camps

Camps that concentrate on hockey techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly hockey camps and others offer hockey as one activity of many. These camps may offer ice hockey, roller hockey, or street hockey. Specialty hockey camps sometime offer goalkeeping camps and camps for specific positions.

Lacrosse Camps

Summe lacrosse camps and summer camps with lacrosse as an activity within a broad summer camp program.

Riflery Camps

Summer camps with riflery programs. Most have a rifle range using .22 caliber or air rifles.

Snow Skiing / Snowboarding Camps

Camps with year-round programs that offer ski and snowboard instruction in the winter, and a few with summer programs that simulate ski and snowboard conditions for summer programs.

Soccer Camps

Camps that concentrate on soccer techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly soccer camps and others offer soccer as one activity of many. Specialty soccer camps sometimes offer goalkeeping camps and camps for specific positions.

Surfing Camps

Hit the waves this summer! Most of these camps offer surfing instruction on a daily basis.

Swimming / Diving Camps

Camps that offer swimming or diving as a major activity.

Tennis Camps

Camps that concentrate on tennis techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly tennis camps and others offer tennis as an activity choice.

Track and Field Camps

Track and field camps that concentrate on running techniques, conditioning or a specific field event. Some are running camps and others offer running, jumping, pole vault or other field events as one activity of several.

Volleyball Camps

Volleyball camps and summer camps with volleyball as a major activity within a broad summer camp program.

Waterskiing Camps

Waterskiing camps offer waterskiing instruction for kids and teens. Some waterskiing summer camps include waterskiing and wakeboarding as activities.

Wrestling Camps

Summer camps concentrating on wrestling and summer camps with wrestling as a major activity within a broad summer camp program.

Paintball Camps

Paintball summer camps are the perfect summer camp for energetic and adventurous boys and girls who are looking for a summer filled with exhilaration. At paintball camps, kids not only have fun, they learn skills and values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and decision-making. Paintball camps take safety seriously and usually require campers to attend a safety orientation.

Martial Arts Camps

Martial arts summer camps offer a safe way for energetic kids to channel their energy. Martial arts camps teach things like positive reinforcement, discipline, fitness, focus, honesty, respect, self control, and self esteem. Activites include such things as Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, weapons and self defense techniques. Find your perfect martial arts summer camp here.

Skateboarding Camps

Water Polo Camps

Ultimate Frisbee Camps

Rugby Camps

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