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Sports Summer Camps for Girls and Boys includes Basketball, Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and More

Sports Summercamps
Are you raising a star athelete? Let your child experience the power of learning confidence and sportsmanship.

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Archery Camps

Summer camps with archery programs. Most have an archery range using recurve or compound bows, some have field courses.

Baseball and Softball Camps

Baseball and Softball Summer Camps

According to USA Today, more than 25 million children in the United States play baseball, and this number is growing both in America and around the world. Whether your kids are die-hard fans of the sport or they just play for fun, baseball is an excellent way for them to challenge themselves, improve their athletic ability, and learn what it really means to be on a team.

Give the slugger in your family the summer of a lifetime at a youth baseball or softball camp. These camps give boys and girls the opportunity to hone their talents and learn new techniques from dedicated instructors who understand the game. Whether your child attends a one-day softball clinic or a two-week overnight baseball camp, they’ll go home with new friends and sharper skills to show on the field.

Baseball and Softball Camp Programs

Our camp directory includes many different kinds of baseball and softball camps to make sure everyone who attends can have a comfortable and rewarding experience. Little Leaguers just getting into the sport can get a head start at a youth camp, while high school students hoping to go pro can get more intensive training at a college baseball or softball camp.

If it’s better for your kids to sleep at home, they’ll enjoy a day camp, but overnight camps can be more immersive. There are also different baseball and softball camp programs for girlsboys, and coed campers. Visit an individual camp’s website to learn more about whether or not it provides the ideal environment for your children.

Search for Baseball and Softball Camps

Baseball summer camps teach sports skills, but they also teach life skills. They’ll help your child become a better player, a better teammate, and a more well-rounded person.

If you're interested in softball or baseball camps for the 2020 summer season, now is the time to get started. Click on our interactive map to find camps in your area, then scroll through the list to learn more about each program. The right camp will give your kids the confidence they need to succeed at bat, in the outfield, and wherever else life takes them.

Basketball Camps

Basketball Camps

Summer basketball camps are active and fun and encourage everyone to bring their A game. If your son or daughter wants to improve in their favorite sport, make new friends, and elevate those around them, learn why a youth basketball camp may be right for them. 

The Benefits of Basketball Training Camps 

Basketball camps teach campers the skills they need to become must-have players on and off the court. By participating in a camp, kids improve their arsenal of shot types and offensive and defensive skills. More importantly, they’ll learn to face new challenges with leadership skills they can take back to school at the end of summer. After all, when you develop strength and character on the court, you become a better person all around. 

CampPage’s directory includes a variety of basketball camps for you and your child to choose from. Some camps focus on teaching the basics while others offer a more intensive experience for the seasoned pro. Other programs provide a more traditional camp experience, offering activities like hiking and canoeing in addition to basketball. There are coed basketball camps or programs exclusively for girls or for boys, as well as different basketball camps for high schoolers, middle schoolers, and younger children. Keep browsing until you find the best environment for your child to thrive along with their peers.

Search for Basketball Camps 

If you think your son or daughter would like to participate in a summer basketball camp for the 2020 season, make use of our camp directory. By scrolling through our list of camps, you can find one that’s both right for them and near your specific location. Simply click on a camp listing to learn more about the program and how playing basketball will encourage your kids to be star players. 

Cheerleading Camps

Summer camps offering Cheerleading instruction as an activity.

Cross-Country Running Camps

Camps that concentrate on running techniques and conditioning. Some are running camps and others offer running as one activity of several.

Fencing Camps

Summer camps offering fencing instruction as a major activity.

Field Hockey Camps

Camps that concentrate on field hockey techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly field hockey camps and others offer field hockey as one activity of many.

Fishing Camps

Summer camps with everything from casual lake fishing to fly fishing on wild and scenic rivers.

Football Camps

Football Camps

For a diehard football fan, the months between March and September are tough to get through. Just because the pros and college teams aren’t on the gridiron in summer, though, doesn’t mean your kids can’t be. At a summer football camp, they’ll develop their skills, bond with new team members, and gain invaluable life experience while playing the game they love.

Camps for Every Skill Level

Some kids simply enjoy staying active and tossing a ball around, while others are determined to make football a career. The camp experience varies drastically between peewee players and college hopefuls, so you’ll have to make sure you choose a camp that matches the intensity and discipline appropriate for your children. Luckily, our camp directory lists all types of football camps across the USA.

Youth football camps focus on lighter conditioning and teaching the basic fundamentals of the game. These are more important for younger children just starting to play or teenagers who play for fun rather than professional aspirations. College football camps are another story—they’re football training camps for high school students hoping to be recruited by NCAA teams, emphasizing advanced techniques and conditioning. College camps aren’t for the faint of heart, but if your kids are dedicated, they’ll leave with sharper skills, greater physical capacity, and a sense of purpose and self-confidence that could carry them to greatness in the pros.

Search for Football Camps

To find a football camp for the 2020 summer season or get a head start on exploring options further into the future, browse our camp directory. The interactive map will help you narrow your search down to locations in the United States, Canada, and overseas. From there, you can read individual camp descriptions to identify the ones that will be the best fit for your family, whether football is the singular focus or just one of many activities they offer.

In large stadiums and small living rooms alike, nothing gathers people together quite like a football game—it’s a tradition that families, friends, and former teammates can share and pass down for decades. Give your kids a unique opportunity to participate in one of our favorite pastimes by introducing them to a football camp this summer.

General Sports Camps

Are you searching for the right sports summer camp for your child? Sports summer camps offer instruction in a variety of sports including basketball, football, gymnastics, swimming and more. Let CampPage help you explore the summer camps for kids in your area.

Golf Camps

Golf Camps

The Big Four sports will always be a major draw, but some kids feel more at home on the fairway. If your child’s heroes are Tiger Woods and Annika Sörenstam, they’ll love hitting the links at a youth golf camp this summer. Whether they’re just casual golfers or they have real promise in the PGA, going to golf camp is an amazing opportunity for kids to strengthen their skills and refine their technique while having fun with new friends and instructors.

Golf Camps for All Ages

There are enough different golf camps in our directory for anyone to learn and play along with their own age group. If your kids are just starting to become interested in the sport, junior golf camps are a great way for them to master the basics and get comfortable playing on new ranges and courses. Teenagers, however, will benefit from camps that offer more advanced instruction, especially if they play on a golf team in high school and need the summer to practice.

It’s never too late for grown-ups to get into the game too. If you’ve always wanted to golf but don’t feel ready to play on an actual course, there are golf camps for adults where coaches will bring you up to speed. After a few weekends of professional instruction, you’ll feel comfortable joining your friends or coworkers for a full round.

Golf Camp Facilities

The facilities available for practice vary from camp to camp. Nearly all of them will have a driving range and a putting green or two, which may be enough for young children who are just picking up the principles. For more advanced golfers, there are camps with a few fairways or access to three-par courses near their location, while others have a full 18-hole course to work with. Look for a camp whose facilities best match the level of instruction and new learning opportunities you’re hoping for.

Search for a Golf Camp

Golf camps for girls, boys, newbies, varsity players, overnighters, daytime visitors, and other groups can all be found in our camp directory. Use the map to pull a list of camps in your area (or other parts of the world if you’d like to explore courses in new climates) and learn more about each program. In addition to improving their golf game, your kids will challenge themselves, build confidence, bond with other players, and create memories they’ll carry from hole to hole for the rest of their lives.

Gymnastics Camps

Gymnastics Camps

Keep your young gymnast active and engaged while out of school at a gymnastics summer camp. Each gymnastics camp offers plenty of fun-filled activities that help members become better at handstands, splits, leaps, and other gymnastic skills.

Involvement in a sport like gymnastics gives children a chance to strengthen their bodies and increase their range of movements as they develop physically. Whether your kids attend a serious gymnastics training summer camp or a more relaxed trampoline and tumbling summer camp, they’ll leave more physically fit and confident in their abilities.

The Benefits of Gymnastics Camp

Gymnastics camp is the perfect opportunity for a child to connect with others in their age group who share the same interest. They’ll also learn more about social skills, like following directions from instructors, listening, being quiet, taking turns, and respecting others.

The challenging nature of gymnastics requires concentration and commitment. Professional, certified coaching staff structure the lessons to guarantee safety while teaching how dedication and hard work pay off. Some of the different program types available include overnight gymnastics summer camps, day campsgirls’ or boys’ camps, and coed camps. The rules and codes of conduct at these programs help children understand why safety and respectful environments are critical. 

Gymnasts are famous for maintaining an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Taking part in a gymnastics summer camp at a young age provides a foundation for muscle strength, power, and endurance. With regular training throughout his or her stay, your child develops a better posture, improved balance, and toned and lean muscle. Even if your children prefer other sports, like football or soccer, they can benefit from the balance and flexibility acquired through classes in gymnastics summer camps for beginners.

Search for Gymnastics Summer Camps

CampPage’s camp directory makes it convenient to find the gymnastics camps available in your area for Summer 2020. Scroll through the list until you spot the perfect gymnastics summer camp program for your child.

Hockey Camps

Camps that concentrate on hockey techniques and conditioning. Some are strictly hockey camps and others offer hockey as one activity of many. These camps may offer ice hockey, roller hockey, or street hockey. Specialty hockey camps sometime offer goalkeeping camps and camps for specific positions.

Lacrosse Camps

Summe lacrosse camps and summer camps with lacrosse as an activity within a broad summer camp program.

Riflery Camps

Summer camps with riflery programs. Most have a rifle range using .22 caliber or air rifles.

Snow Skiing / Snowboarding Camps

Camps with year-round programs that offer ski and snowboard instruction in the winter, and a few with summer programs that simulate ski and snowboard conditions for summer programs.

Soccer Camps

Soccer Camps

Summer soccer camps offer players the opportunity to challenge themselves on and off the field. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced player, they can perfect their technique while gaining important leadership skills. Best of all, they’ll have a blast while spending time outside with their new friends. If your son or daughter is excited about joining a soccer camp this summer, read about the different camps listed on CampPage below. 

Girls and Boys Summer Soccer Camps

Each soccer camp provides a unique and rewarding experience for those who join. Girls’ campsboys’ camps, and coed camps, as well as overnight summer soccer camps and day camps, encourage your child to learn in an environment that’s suited to their needs. 

If your kids don’t want to spend the night at camp, for example, that’s not a problem. They can participate in a day camp and head home after an afternoon of chip passes, bicycle kicks, and bending the ball. For a more immersive experience, they can join an overnight camp to bond with their team from morning to night.  Whatever kind of soccer camp you choose, your children will have a blast! 

The Benefits of Soccer Camp 

Soccer training camps, like all sports camps, are about more than learning how to win. Summer soccer camps teach elementary school students, middle schoolers, and high schoolers how to become not just better players, but more well-rounded people too. If soccer’s in your child’s blood (or if they want to be introduced to the sport), explore  soccer camps for the 2020 season so they can enjoy an awesome summer on the field.

Begin your search for soccer camps by clicking on the interactive map to view camps in your specific geographical location, then scroll through the list of camps to learn more about each program. With careful coaching and support from new friends, your kids will score more goals in the game and set a few personal ones in the process.

Surfing Camps

Surf Camps

There’s no end to the fun things you can do at the beach, but none of them have quite the same mystique around them as surfing. Maybe it’s the power of the waves, maybe it’s being in tune with nature, or maybe it’s being part of an interesting subculture that’s been celebrated in movies and music since the 1950s. Whatever it is, for people who catch the surfing bug, it becomes a way of life.

Learning to surf is more complicated than just grabbing a board and heading for the nearest beach—most people benefit from professional instruction. If your children long to ride the waves, surf camps are the best way for them to start. Let your kids hang ten with expert coaches and new friends at a summer surf camp.

Why Go to Surf Camp?

Surfing well takes a lot of practice, and unless you live near an ocean or a lake, you’ll have a hard time getting your kids to the water frequently enough for them to make consistent progress. Attending a surfing camp is a great way for them to dive headlong into their new hobby.

Hawaii and California are probably the two states most associated with surfing, and while there certainly are a lot of excellent programs there, you can find surf camps for kids all over the country. The West Coast, East Coast, and Gulf of Mexico attract surfers equally, and if you aren’t in a coastal state, there are surf camps available near lakes and even at indoor surf parks.

Trained instructors will be there to help your children every step of the way. They’ll tell them what to do, which waves to catch, how to improve their techniques, and of course, how to stay safe in the water. Equipment rentals are included with camp fees, so you won’t have to worry about investing in surf gear if your kids are trying the sport out for the first time. The counselors will help them pick the right equipment for their size and skill level.

Search for Summer Surf Camps

Use our camp directory to see a list of surf camp programs near you (or in another state if you’d like to give your family the chance to explore somewhere new). Learning to surf is an excellent opportunity for your kids to challenge themselves, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and bond with other budding surfing fans in the process. The right camp will turn your boys and girls into big kahunas in no time.

Swimming / Diving Camps

Swimming and Diving Camps

Ask any kid what their favorite summer activity is, and chances are good they’ll say swimming. Plenty of children would spend the whole season in the water if they could, either at home, a public pool, or the lake. Swimming isn't just a fun way to keep cool in the summer—it’s also a great way to get exercise and stay in shape. For serious swimmers, swimming and diving scholarships could even help them attend college.

Of course, not everyone has a pool at home, and public options get crowded quickly. If your kids are interested in extra pool time, and maybe learning some real athletic techniques along the way, they’ll love spending summer at a swimming and diving camp.

Swimming and Diving Camp Programs

Just about everyone can benefit from swimming. If your children just want to have fun in the water, swimming camps will give them ample opportunity to splash around in a safe, supportive environment, and they’ll make a lot of new friends to play with. However, if your children are into competitive swimming and diving, going to camp can give them an edge. Instructors and counselors can help them master techniques and guide them through exercises that will improve their performance in swim meets going forward.

There are different kinds of camp programs to suit every family. Some focus on swimming and diving specifically, while others offer them along with other enriching summer activities. Residential overnight camps give your kids the best opportunity to build independence and absorb the full camp experience, but if you think it’s better for them to return home after a day in the pool, day camps are for you. There are coed camps that suit kids and teens of all ages and genders or different camps specifically for boys, girls, and certain age groups.

Search for Swimming and Diving Summer Camps

When you're ready to look for a swimming and diving camp, use our directory to explore the different camp programs all over the country. Your children will have a long summer of swimming and sun to look forward to.

Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps

Out of about 18 million tennis players in the U.S., almost 4 million are kids and teens. The younger generation’s increased participation in tennis plays a significant role in the development of the sport in the country, as well as the individual success of young tennis players.

If your child aspires to become the next Pete Sampras or Serena Williams, they’ll love playing and practicing at a tennis summer camp. Read on to find out more about the different youth tennis programs listed in CampPage’s directory.

Diverse Tennis Programs

Each separate tennis camp will provide your child with a unique experience. Tennis day camps,overnight camps, boys’ campsgirls’ camps, and coed camps are just some of the types of programs available, and each have their own advantages. Having more time to bond with other players at an overnight tennis camp, for example, inspires a stronger sense of teamwork and helps create friendships that last for years, but day camps might be better for kids who’d rather unwind with family after a day on the court.

All the different camps are designed to strengthen a player’s technique and increase court performance under the supervision of a team of tennis coaches and hospitality professionals. Even a child that thinks they know everything about their game will be challenged to find new ways to improve.

The Benefits of Tennis Camp

Tennis training camps require your son or daughter to practice and play often to improve basic skills like serving, hitting, and volleying. They’ll fall more in love with tennis and get a lot of exercise in the process.

Summer camps are excellent for helping kids build confidence not just in their sport of choice, but in all walks of life. The motivation they get from coaches, camp staff, and new friends will instill a feeling of pride in their capabilities that translates to a greater sense of independence.

Search for Tennis Summer Camps

Use the interactive map to find a list of Summer 2020 tennis camps based in your location of choice. Each listing offers a brief overview of a particular camp’s program—click into their website to learn more about it. Find the right tennis camp for your child today and they could play Wimbledon tomorrow.

Track and Field Camps

Track and Field Camps

Track and field covers a wide range of different events and activities, from running to jumping to throwing and more. It’s a great way to keep kids fit, and it supports a wonderful future by teaching them dedication and discipline. It’s also a lot of fun. If your child is interested in track and field, there are tons of summer camps for kids and high school students that will help them build their skills.

What Track and Field Camps Have to Offer

Many general sports camps include programs for track and field. Others focus solely on training for track and field events, while some cater specifically to running. There are programs for kids of all ages, as well as boys’ campsgirls’ camps, and coed camps. Most of them tend to be residential camps, though a fair amount are day camps that allow your children to return home in the evenings (and some have scheduling for both).

Track and field camps help kids train in different events to find the ones they’re best at and improve their overall skills. In the process, they’ll stay healthy and fit, learn about good sportsmanship, and make great friends who share their love of hurdles and hammer throws.

Search for Track and Field Camps

To find a track and field camp for the 2020 summer season, click on your area of the map for an overview of the different camps near you and what they have to offer. You can find great general sports camps with competitive track and field programs or camps that specialize in teaching track and field events.

Track and field summer camps are great for kids’ bodies and great for their minds. They encourage the work ethic children need to succeed and can even help them get scholarships later on. Finding the perfect track and field camp for your child is giving them an experience they’ll carry all the way to first place.

Volleyball Camps

Volleyball Camps and Clinics

Volleyball clinics bring out the best in each player with practices that inspire them to ace it both on and off the court. If your child wants to learn the fundamentals of volleyball or take their game to the next level, peruse our directory to find a summer volleyball camp they’ll love. Your child will learn how to set, spike, and bump the ball to victory while making new friends along the way.

What Kinds of Volleyball Camps Are There? 

Families can search for girls’ campsboys’ camps, and coed volleyball camps, as well as overnight or daytime volleyball camps. Depending on their preference and comfort level, your kids can return home after a day of killing it on the court or stay overnight to continue developing friendships when practice is over.

While some camps focus solely on volleyball, others offer more traditional camp experiences in addition to playing the sport. If your child wants a more immersive camp experience, they may benefit from an overnight camp that facilitates other fun activities like hikingcampingswimmingdancingperforming, and so much more. When you find a camp that aligns with your child’s interests and goals, they’ll return home with skills they can use both on the court and in everyday life.

Search for Volleyball Camps 

Summer volleyball programs teach kids to be the best they can be by developing their physical and emotional strength. Start looking for volleyball camps for Summer 2020 now to help them make the most of their break from school.

Click the map to find camps near you, then scroll through the list of programs to learn what each one has to offer. Energetic coaches, supportive camp counselors, and friendly peers make participating in a volleyball camp a rewarding and memorable experience. 

Waterskiing Camps

Waterskiing camps offer waterskiing instruction for kids and teens. Some waterskiing summer camps include waterskiing and wakeboarding as activities.

Wrestling Camps

Wrestling Camps

Long before wrestling became associated with the outlandish characters and cage-fighting antics you see on TV, it was a serious competitive sport dating back thousands of years. Real competitive wrestling is still popular today, especially in high schools, colleges, and at the Olympics. Wrestlers develop physical strength, practice discipline, and learn to respect both their teammates and their opponents in one-on-one matches.

Wrestling is an excellent workout for both the body and the mind. If you’d like to give your children the opportunity to build skills in the ring, along with strength and confidence they can carry with them outside of it, consider a youth wrestling summer camp.

Why Choose Wrestling Camp?

For kids looking to pick up a new sport, wrestling is an excellent option, and one that’s underrated compared to Big Four sports like football or baseball. Success in wrestling takes muscle, of course, but it also requires a lot of strategy and thinking fast on your feet. Learning which holds, throws, and pins to use against an opponent who’s trying to do the same to you is as much an intellectual exercise as a physical one.

If your kids already have wrestling experience and want to continue at a seriously competitive level, wrestling camp is the best way for them to improve their skills. They’ll keep their momentum going between school years with training from expert instructors who can recommend more advanced techniques, and they’ll get to sharpen their skills by challenging new wrestlers outside of the classmates they always compete against at school.

Some wrestling camp programs are open to everyone, while others cater to particular age groups or skills levels. You can also find different camps for girls and others just for boys. Whatever environment your family is most comfortable with, there will be a ring ready to have them.

Search for Wrestling Summer Camps

Use our camp index to find the best wrestling camp for your kids. You can narrow your search by location or program type, then click a listing for more information about that individual camp’s program. Finding the right one will bring your children one step closer to a summer of making memories on the mat.


Paintball Camps

Paintball summer camps are the perfect summer camp for energetic and adventurous boys and girls who are looking for a summer filled with exhilaration. At paintball camps, kids not only have fun, they learn skills and values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and decision-making. Paintball camps take safety seriously and usually require campers to attend a safety orientation.

Martial Arts Camps

Martial arts summer camps offer a safe way for energetic kids to channel their energy. Martial arts camps teach things like positive reinforcement, discipline, fitness, focus, honesty, respect, self control, and self esteem. Activites include such things as Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, weapons and self defense techniques. Find your perfect martial arts summer camp here.

Skateboarding Camps

Water Polo Camps

Ultimate Frisbee Camps

Rugby Camps

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